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Yorumu gönderen: Radvijay( southernalac.org.nz ), 10.06.2013, 16:34 (UTC):
your comment seems sawomhet out of place. I really don't want to be like the comment police that's why I have certain pieces of software in place to block out some of the typical spam comments. Hmmmmmm this comment seems a lot like spam to me but I will approve it and see if there are other similar comments with this URL attached.Please, for anyone with genuine comments, questions or feedback, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE THE COMMENT BOX that's what it's for. bUT PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE IT! It makes the site ugly, it makes it filled with junk that other readers have to wade through to find the good stuff'.I appreciate your help in keeping the site useful for everyone.Thanks,Debbie

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